Health & Safety

There are several hospitals throughout Dhaka but the following are the brand names where most citizens go for a more premium service and more qualified doctors. The following are in no particular order. Well-reputed doctors that specialize in certain areas are only known by word of mouth, ask your friends or doctor for a reference.

Hospitals in Dhaka

Staying Safe in Dhaka

It’s generally a good idea to not roam around on the streets past sunset. Depending on what part of Dhaka you’re in, there’s always some local group that is looking to prey on unexpecting pedestrians. It’s best to commute in groups and use private transportation. Most Dhaka residents are able to live quite freely because they don’t have the habit of staying out past sunset. Going out during weekends and special occasions are the only times they travel and that too with family.

Those that use public transport, guard their belongings and make sure to not be outside with valuables even during the day time.

Dhaka’s Public Authorities

Dhaka has the strongest rule of law. That is, people in rural areas can get away with crimes but its a lot harder in Dhaka. Because Dhaka is overpopulated, there is a greater chance of encountering bad characters. Most senior officials are very respectable and you can expect a very decent response to your complaints — but there will be certain individuals that might be open to bribes to provide you their service.

It’s always good to stay in touch with your embassy or local friends who may lend a hand in local matters. Know that alcohol is forbidden in Bangladesh, other then that just don’t break any rules, stay away from confrontation. Don’t take things or services for free and politely decline, saying you’re busy and have somewhere to go, but thank them regardless. Say sorry and ask their pardon to those that insist.