Food, Grocery & Restaurants in Dhaka

Finding food and grocery in Dhaka is not hard. But, finding good quality food and grocery can be challenging. If you want to shop in person — the best place to shop is one of Dhaka’s grocery chains with multiple locations throughout the city. The grocery chains are:

The quality of grocery varies greatly based on the location of the store. Shwapno in the Gulshan area will be of greater quality than a location elsewhere. These stores are sub-standard by international standards. For more premium quality grocery, the following stores are recommended.

There’s better news, yet. In Dhaka, you can have groceries delivered to your home through a website called The company is backed by U.S. venture capital and they provide an excellent service. Most of their products are of decent quality and they deliver within hours. The only issue is that sometimes when they deliver fresh produce, some low-quality products might seep in occasionally.

Budget, Mid-range & Popular Restaurants in Dhaka

Dining at any of the following restaurants should not cost you more than $10/person.

  • Takeout, Preetom, American Burger, MadChef — for your meat on a bun, i.e. burgers. MadChef is the most popular due to its unique blend of sauces & spices.
  • Hakka Dhaka, Thai Emerald — to satisfy your Thai & Chinese cravings. They have multiple locations in major neighborhoods.
  • Santoor, Roll Xpress, Handi — for the most scrumptious Indian food. Santoor is located in Dhanmondi, the other two in Gulshan.
  • Fish & Co., Manhattan Fish Market — for the highest quality seafood. Located in Gulshan.
  • Pizza Roma, Sbarro, Pizza Inn — for some of the best pizza in the city. Multiple locations throughout Dhaka.
  • Nando’s, KFC, BFC — for the most delicious chicken. Multiple locations throughout Dhaka.
  • Dhansiri, Binni Restaurant, Premium Sweets, Oh! Calcutta, Nawab Chatga — for the best tasting Bengali food. Mostly located in Gulshan.
  • Preetom, Peyala, Gloria Jean’s, Tabaq Coffee, North End Coffee Roasters — for the best tea, coffee, and cafe related snacks and sweets.
  • Cooper’s, Holey Artisan, King’s Confectionery — for the best cakes and pastries. Cooper’s and King’s have multiple locations in Dhaka.
  • Movenpick, Coldstone, Cream & Fudge — for the creamiest ice creams. Located in Gulshan.

High-end Restaurants in Dhaka

  • Izumi — for the best sushi in Dhaka.
  • Lotus E’tang — for pan Asian cuisine.
  • Restaurants in any of the international branded five-star hotels of Dhaka.

Order Food Online

You can have food delivered to your home from most restaurants in Dhaka. Delivery time is approximately 60 minutes. The three best online food delivery services are Foodpanda, Hungrynaki & Pathao. Foodpanda is owned by an international venture capital company known as Rocket Internet.

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